DELIYA participates in 2016 Middle East International Industry Exhibition

time:2016-12-29 view:782

  "2016 Middle East International Industry Exhibition" held this month in Tehran from May 5 to 8, the provincial high-tech member company "Zhejiang Deli Automation Manufacturing Co., Ltd." participated in the exhibition. Since the lifting of the international sanctions, as the Middle East industrial power of Iran ushered in a very good development opportunities, this exhibition is our Division to further explore the international market, a new attempt to carefully prepare the whole series of rolling function samples, send the best foreign trade team to participate , Chairman Xu Jianming personally led the exhibition of the ball screw, linear guide, optical axis, linear bearings, spherical bearings and other products to attract a large number of Iranian customers, and with a number of traders have become the initial cooperation agreement.

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