Wish you a Happy New Year!

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Zhejiang Deya Automation Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Members:

Hello everyone! 

The bell of 2018 rings. Although the cold pierced bone marrow, but the sun is still bright, cold and warm intertwined, harsh winter pregnant with the breath of the spring. The company is located in:

At this juncture of welcome speech and new year, on the occasion of the New Year 2018, on behalf of the Chairman, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, the head office administrative department and myself, I would like to extend my highest salute to the leadership of the Company. All the staff and their families extend their most cordial greetings and best wishes to everyone and wish you all a Happy New Year, good health and good luck!

At this point, stroking the past rehearse, we filled with emotion; Prospects, we have surging emotions. The past year was a landmark year in the history of the Secretary. The past year of 2017 is the base year for our company to comprehensively improve its management level. It is a year for all employees to meet challenges, withstand tests, overcome difficulties and strive to complete the shipping tasks. The company is located in:

In the past year, under the leadership of Chairman and Vice Chairman, with all enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work, we have carried out all aspects of our work effectively, perfected and perfected our management system and gradually increased our production, quality and business volume . All of these achievements are closely linked with the hard work and hard work of all employees and are closely linked with our dedication to hard work, innovation and selfless dedication. Here, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of all the Lyons over the past year!

While the new year is approaching, while we are enjoying wine and sharing joy, we must also clearly understand that our enterprises still face a wide range of opportunities and severe challenges in a fiercely competitive market environment. We must seize new opportunities and meet new challenges with a high sense of mission and responsibility to promote the sustainable development of our company, go all out to build the brand. The company is located in:

Because of the dream, human society has a splendid civilization. With the same dream, let's get together to become a Delian! We firmly believe that the correct leadership of the company's policy makers, with all the staff of the public, our goal will be achieved, our business will continue to grow and develop, People will be able to create new, more magnificent glory. The company is located in:

Lastly, let us talk about the merits and delectable drinks, and wish you all a Happy New Year, good health and happy families! Let us wish our company a new level in 2018 to speed up the magnificent goal of "Delia brilliant, Delia forever". The company is located in:

Wish the new year, the annual Lunar New Year festive family harmony! Health and fitness big fortune; wishful auspicious Fu Shou Corning; Jin Yu full house out of safe; lucky star paddock lucky take the lead.