Changyuan Company Audit Team Visited Deliya

time:2018-03-28 view:947

On March 28, 2018, an expert review team of Long Yuan and Eagle Company visited Delia. Prior to that, Deliya had provided samples for the company. This time, Long Yuan and Eagle’s quality department ministers, technical department ministers, procurement department ministers, and Shanmu teachers and their staff formed an expert review team to personally visit the company for on-site audits. The audit team conducted a one-to-one comparative review of the implementation of the company's system. Chairman Jianming Xu personally led Changyuan and Eagle’s review team to the workshop to review the products and processes. After one day's continuous work, the audit work was successfully completed. The audit team was satisfied with the implementation of the company's system and the on-site order. After the audit, it will surely promote the strategic cooperation between the two parties.