Technological Innovation - Deliya has had a hand

time:2018-03-29 view:947

On March 29th, a national invention patent and three utility model patent certificates declared by Zhejiang Deliya Automation Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have been delivered. This shows that Deliya’s 2017 patent application has been fully successful. This is Deliya. A great news for the company and the rolling feature industry in China.

A national invention patent newly declared by Deliya Company as “a numerically controlled rolling linear guide drilling device”, and three utility model patents are “a ball screw”, “a linear guide rail”, and “a Pipe Cutting Machine". Up to now, Deliya has owned 3 national invention patents, 11 utility model patents and one design patent, ranking the top in the rolling functional components industry in China. Contrary to a series of good performances in the past, the qualification of “National High-tech Enterprise” obtained by Deliya Company is also a matter of fact.

In 2018, we will not forget our heart and mind, and we will continue to make new achievements in the field of technological innovation, adding to the "Made in China." In the near future, please wait...