Deliya’s great news

time:2018-04-03 view:945

Following the successful application of a national invention patent and three utility model patents, Zhejiang Deliya Automation co. LTD. recently renewed good news. The three Zhejiang provincial-level industrial new product (new technology) appraisal (acceptance) certificates were filed by the company last year. It was delivered on April 2 stating that the three leading products of Deliya Company have been confirmed as provincial-level industrial new products by the Zhejiang Economic and Information Committee. The Deliya Company was excited about it, and at the same time, the Chinese rolling function. Parts industry has added new color!

Deliya Company was confirmed as the leading product of Zhejiang Province-level industrial new products (new technologies), namely "ball screw"; "linear guide rail"; "cross-type cross-rolling linear guide pair", which is the authority of the state authority The company's production and research and development are highly affirmative. In addition, Deliya also owns 3 national invention patents, 11 utility model patents, and a design patent. The technological innovation achievements are also among the best in the country's rolling functional components industry.

Linear guide rails, ball screws and other products, which are the key transmission components in the automation industry, have been widely used in various high-end intelligent machinery and equipment fields, and the market has broad prospects for development. These products belong to the “Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 Revision)” “Class I (Encouragement) XIV, Machinery 17, Precision CNC Machine Tools and Supporting CNC Systems, Servo Motors and Drives, and Functional Components”. It is a national industrial policy that encourages investment and development.

Deliya will continue to work hard to revitalize the national equipment manufacturing industry and implement the "Made in China 2025" program of action.

Ball screw rod

Cross type cross rolling linear guide pair

Linear Guides